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Unlocking the Future: WebAuthN Meets ERC-4337 Smart Wallets - 26/03/2024

In this piece, we’re diving deep into the nitty-gritty of leveraging WebAuthN signatures for validating user operations within the exciting world of ERC-4337 smart accounts.

From Idea to Innovation: Unveiling Our WebAuthN Smart Wallet Demo - 23/02/2024

Discover the new POC of Frak exploiting WebAuthN for secure and user-friendly smart wallet operations.

Frak’s Vanguard: Pioneering the Account Abstraction Revolution in the Polygon Ecosystem - 13/12/2023

Embracing the Future of Blockchain: Frak Leads with Account Abstraction, Redefining User Empowerment and Decentralization on Polygon.

Solidity Gas Efficiency Unleashed: Revert with Error vs Revert with String — A Deep Dive - 22/03/2023

Maximize Gas Efficiency in Solidity: Explore the advantages of using revert with error messages over revert with strings.

ERC-2612: Implementing Gasless ERC-20 Approvals with Solidity (Part 3) - 24/04/2023

Perfecting ERC-2612: Boost Your DeFi Skills with Solidity Unit Testing in Hardhat and Forge. Third article of a 4-part series on gasless ERC-20 approvals.

ERC-2612: Implementing Gasless ERC-20 Approvals with Solidity (Part 2) - 23/03/2023

Dive into the practical implementation of ERC-2612 and EIP-712 in Solidity. Second article of a 4-part series on gasless ERC-20 approvals.

ERC-2612: The Ultimate Guide to Gasless ERC-20 Approvals (Part 1) - 13/03/2023

Get introduced to ERC-2612 and EIP-712 Solidity guidelines for seamless and gas-efficient ERC-20 approvals. First article of a 4-part series.

From Hardhat to Foundry: Enhancing Quality and Reliability in Solidity - 10/01/2023

Learn about Frak’s journey from Hardhat to Foundry and how it transformed our smart contract unit testing process.

Securing Solidity Smart Contracts: Tools and Techniques - 08/10/2022

Explore tools for rapidly identifying potential security issues in smart contracts and how to set them up for a secure development process.

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